If you are an old friend , or a new one, welcome to my website. If you are fluent in the language of Tarot, or are a complete sceptic, the welcome is the same.
My advice would be to read the reviews page and the independent testimonials pages before you decide to book a reading, and that usually half an hour is  more than adequate for a booking.(Telephone reading clients are first of all advised that a 15 minute reading will answer most of their questions)

Please also take some time to think what you need to ask before we speak ,and write this  down, as in my experience all the questions that you think that you have go out of your head after the first part of the reading, when you are told about your past, your present and your future.......

Sue now also does reading till late on a Friday evening ( 8.30pm) as late evening bookings are often  requested, but these will have to be prepaid to be accepted and are non refundable if you cannot attend.


'Bide  the  witches Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
Live you must and let to live,  Fairly take and fairly give.'

Sue has been psychic since birth, a trait running in her  family for many  generations.

  She is a predictive clairvoyant medium, and reads  clairvoyantly, clairgnosticaly and clairsentiently, with spiritual guidance ,as she has for many years.

Sue does not ever employ others to do her readings.     

        Each and every reading is done personally by Sue, which is why you  may have a little wait for a booking.

Tarot readings 

Sue will go through many spreads; She works quickly, reading the Tarot as a language, not as other readers who sit and enthuse about one card at a time.

The Gate way of Fate spread starts a Tarot reading, with the client just shuffling the full pack and thinking about themselves.

The cards will then tell a story with Tarot or Gypsy cards or both , depending on which pack you choose, about your past, and how you feel about it, your present and how you feel about it, and your future , and how you should expect to feel about it,  all without being required to say anything, you just shuffle  the cards and just think about yourself.

Then you are welcome to have directions of life looked at, with anything you want to have knowledge on , just by shuffling the cards again and saying your question or direction, (this can just be one word, if you wish.)

At the end of the reading you are given two or  four further questions to ask by email only   ; within the next two months, in case there is anything that you have forgotten to ask.

Sue does readings by telephone and email all cross the World, as well as face to face readings in the UK
Sue reads person to person, by telephone and by email, as you will see from her testimonials,  all are reviewed as being as accurate as each other,  both here, and across the World.

Sue does not employ translators, But you are welcome to bring one person in with you to translate, if you speak a different language.It is recommended that you have the reading recorded, so that you can be sure of what is said.This must be requested before the reading starts

 A CD can be made on face to face, or telephone readings, at a cost of £5, and will be sent on to you,(or be ready to collect) 48Hours later. This as an  MP3 recording can also be sent as an email attachment.

            If you wish to book a reading its always best to book via the  

  Booking a reading page

That way your reading and appointment won't be lost, and ongoing readings are undisturbed. There are choices of times and dates,and types and prices of reading here, and ways to pay however if you are having problems booking you can phone Sues shop on most weekdays, and you can make an appointment for face to face readings over the phone on 01234 327090. 

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 Sue reading the Mystic Pyramid spread



Appointments are always best  booked through the book a reading page as Sues memory is not always focused on the here and now, and she would not want to forget your reading.

  (Click here) where you can make choices of day ,time, and type of reading,and pay  if you want, at the same time, through PayPal or by credit card.

All Sues' readings utilize her psychic ability, she will merely use different tools to enable you to see  results

You are welcome to book a Tarot card reading or Gypsy card reading

You can also have  Palmistry, A Spiritual reading, or a Full reading


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Sues waiting room, a place to chill while you wait for your reading......
 Advice on picking a Reader

 For entertainment only.......

Psychics have been told by the Government that we have to add  to our details the fact that readings are for entertainment only.This would seem to make it easier, rather than harder for charlatans to operate,but we have to follow the national guidelines.

Advice on readers would always be to go to someone of whom you have had good reports through word of mouth or personal experience.  Certainly there are readers who will be more interested in your money than of giving good value.   Its your money, so you should be careful that it is not wasted.Check out your potential reader before you decide on a reading.If its local to you, ask around, a good reader is usually pretty well known locally,and bad reports are not usually shy of coming forward if you mention that you are trying to find someone accurate.

if the reader is far away from you, try a test question, to see if your reader will answer it to put you at your ease.this should be one small question, as you wouldn't want your reader to feel that they were being taken advantage of by people trying to get free readings either.

A request from Sue........ 

Due to the delicate nature of Sues work, please do not expect unscheduled  readings. If you phone, you will be asked to make an appointment, so that current readings can run smoothly.

Emails are monitored by staff, so please contact Sue via the contact sue link at the top left hand of the webpage, these are read only by Sue. Emails are usually read by Sue twice weekly. Her Contact Sue and Submit email questions pages are read twice daily

Sue reads for clients daily but does not work on Sundays or Wednesdays, except by prior arrangement. Please respect her need for a break on these days,and contact via email or text only, at this time , rather than by phone.






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